Home Theaters  

Home theaters are becoming ever so popular in homes today. More and more people are investing into their homes, adding comfort and convenience for themselves and their family. Dedicated home theaters are designed for optimal sound and picture quality that simply cannot be achieved in a common room without a good measure of expertise. This is one area where our staff stands out amongst ordinary home theater installers. By designing the room from the ground up we cover all aspects of your space that can be often be overlooked like lighting or ventilation. We can work with your builder or create the whole room for you from the ground up to opening day.

Many factors come into play when deciding to do a home theater. Some of the considerations to take into account are how much space you have available, the characteristics of the room you choose, as well as natural lighting; heating and cooling. Condrum does not offer cookie cutter solutions, because in this industry, one size does not fit all. We provide you with a personalized design, custom installed solution for you.

While not everyone has the room for a traditional theater, we offer other solutions such as multi-function rooms, and hidden theaters. These can be existing rooms such as a den, or family room with all the functionality of a home theater built in. With a high definition flat panel screen masked by artwork, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, and the equipment in a closet, or cabinet, out of sight. Your hidden theater would take up almost no space leaving the room available for other purposes.

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